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XXXX Man of the Match


2017 winners 

Round 1: Christian Hazard (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 2: Blake Leary (Townsville Blackhawks)
Round 3: Brendon Gibb (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 4: Gerard McCallum (Easts Tigers)
Round 5: Benji Marshall (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 6: Keanu Te Kiri (Burleigh Bears)
Round 7: Jake Foster (Easts Tigers)
Round 8: Wes Conlon (Ipswich Jets)
Round 9: James Taylor (Norths Devils)
Representative Round: Blake Leary (XXXX Queensland Residents)
Round 10: Brandon Smith (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 11: Krys Freeman (CQ Capras) and Andrew Niemoeller (Townsville Blackhawks)
Round 12: Eddy Pettybourne (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 13: Sam Meskell (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 14: Guy Hamilton (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 15: Ngarima Pita (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 16: Pat Politoni (Burleigh Bears)
Round 17: Aaron Booth (Mackay Cutters)
Round 18: Nat Neale (Ipswich Jets)
Round 19: Brendon Gibb (Souths Logan Magpies)
Round 20: Billy Walters (Easts Tigers)
Round 21: Sam Anderson (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 22: Kurtis Rowe (Burleigh Bears)
Round 23: Young Tonumaipe'a (Easts Tigers)
Round 24: Sheldon Powe Hobbs (Northern Pride)
Round 25: Scott Drinkwater (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Finals Week 1: Tui Kamikamica (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Finals Week 2: Jye Ballinger (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Finals Week 3: Ryley Jacks (Sunshine Coast Falcons)

2016 winners 

Round 1: Ben Hampton (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 2: Michael Parker-Walshe (Townsville Blackhawks)
Round 3: Matt Zgrajewski (Easts Tigers)
Round 4: Josh Seage (Ipswich Jets)
Round 5: Cameron Cullen (Burleigh Bears)
Round 6: Matthew White (Easts Tigers)
Round 7: Jahrome Hughes (Townsville Blackhawks)
Round 8: Cory Blair (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 9: Luke Page (Burleigh Bears)
Interstate Residents: Josh Drinkwater (NSW)
Round 10: Tom Hancock (Northern Pride)
Round 11: Samson Graham (CQ Capras)
Round 12: Nat Neale (Ipswich Jets)
Round 13: Matt Bowen (Townsville Blackhawks)
Round 14: Jamal Fogarty (Burleigh Bears)
Round 15: Kurtis Rowe (Burleigh Bears)
Round 16: Anthony Cherrington (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 17: Jake Foster (Easts Tigers)
Round 18: Patrick Templeman (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 19: Sam Anderson (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 20: Alex Bishop (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 21: Joe Stimson (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 22: Darren Nicholls (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 23: Alex Bishop (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 24: Kurtis Rowe (Burleigh Bears)
Round 25: Wes Conlon (Ipswich Jets)
Finals Week 1: Corey Jensen (Townsville Blackhawks)
Finals Week 2: Jamal Fogarty (Burleigh Bears)
Finals Week 3: Zach Strasser (Redcliffe Dolphins)

2015 winners

Round 1: Cameron Munster (Easts Tigers)
Round 2: Matt Parcell (Ipswich Jets)
Round 3: Kane Elgey (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 4: Evander Cummins (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 5: Cameron Munster (Easts Tigers)
Round 6: Mitchell Frei (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 7: Jason Chan (Burleigh Bears)
Round 8: Javid Bowen (Northern Pride)
Round 9: Josh Chudleigh (Mackay Cutters)
Round 10: Tom Humble (Townsville Blackhawks
Round 11: Luke Capewell (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 12: Matt Duffie (Easts Tigers)
Round 13: Patrick Templeman (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 14: Josh Ailaomai (Burleigh Bears)
Round 15:  Ryley Jacks (Burleigh Bears)
Round 16: Travis Waddell (Souths Logan Magpies)
Round 17: Jon Green (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 18: Tom Butterfield (Easts Tigers)
Round 19: Tom Butterfield (Easts Tigers)
Round 20: Anthony Cherrington (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 21: Krys Freeman (Norths Devils)
Round 22: Mboya Adams (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Round 23: Ryley Jacks (Burleigh Bears)
Round 24: Shaun Nona (Easts Tigers)
Round 25: Michael Parker-Walshe (Townsville Blackhawks)
Week 1 Finals: Matt Parcell (Ipswich Jets)
Week 2 Finals: Matt Parcell (Ipswich Jets)
Week 3 Finals: Rod Griffin (Ipswich Jets)
Grand Final - Duncan Hall Medal - Billy McConnachie (Ipswich Jets)

2014 winners

Round 1: Sebastian Pandia (PNG Hunters)
Round 2: Jake Granville (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 3: Brendon Gibb (Norths Devils)
Round 4: Luke Page (Burleigh Bears)
Round 5: Todd Murphy (Norths Devils)
Round 6: Matt Seamark (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 7: Mark Ioane (Burleigh Bears)
Round 8: Israel Eliab (PNG Hunters)
Round 9: Rod Griffin (Ipswich Jets)
Round 10: Krys Freeman (Norths Devils)
Round 11: Kalifa Faifai Loa (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 12: Cameron Cullen (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 13: Dane Phillips (Ipswich Jets)
Round 14: Henare Wells (Burleigh Bears)
Round 15: Felise Kaufusi (Easts Tigers)
Round 16: Robert Lui (Northern Pride)
Round 17: Phil Dennis (Souths Logan Magpies)
Round 18: Blake Leary (Northern Pride)
Round 19: Mitchell Buckett (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 20: Cameron Munster (Easts Tigers)
Round 21: Jordan Rapana (Souths Logan Magpies)
Round 22: Ben Spina (Northern Pride)
Round 23: Tanu Wulf (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 24: Mitchell Frei (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 25: Cody Walker (Easts Tigers)
Round 26: Mitchell Frei (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Finals Wk 1: Cameron Munster (Easts Tigers)
Finals Wk 2: Tim Natusch (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Prelim Final: Tommy Butterfield (Easts Tigers)
Grand Final - Duncan Hall Medal: Shaun Nona (Northern Pride)

2013 winners

Round 1: Zach Strasser (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 2: Ben Spina (Northern Pride)
Round 3: Ian Lacey (Ipswich Jets)
Round 4: Mat Pitman (Souths Logan Magpies)
Round 5: Liam Taylor (Mackay Cutters)
Round 6: David Taylor (Tweed Heads Seagulls)
Round 7: Luke Capewell (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 8: Jake Granville (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
Round 9: Keiron Lander (Ipswich Jets)
Round 10: Daniel Ogden (Norths Devils)
Round 11: Michael Burgess (Tweed Heads)
Round 12: Ben Spina (Northern Pride)
Round 13: Brent Crisp (Central Qld Capras)
Round 14: Brent Crisp (Central Qld Capras)
Round 15: Joel Riethmuller (Northern Pride)
Round 16: Kurt Baptiste (Norths Devils)
Round 17: Anthony Mitchell (Mackay Cutters)
Round 18: Sam Obst (Northern Pride)
Round 19: Tom Kingston (Tweed Heads)
Round 20: Ian Lacey (Ipswich Jets)
Round 21: Daniel Ogden (Norths Devils)
Round 22: Justin Castellaro (Northern Pride)
Round 23: Petero Civoniceva (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Round 24: Cody Walker (Easts Tigers)
Finals Week 1: Nathaniel Neale (Ipswich Jets)
Finals Week 2: Tom Butterfield (Easts Tigers)
Preliminary Final: Jason Taumalolo (Mackay Cutters)
Grand Final - Duncan Hall Medal: Anthony Mitchell (Mackay Cutters)