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Women's Leadership Forum


For Administrators and Volunteers in Women’s Sport (not just rugby league)

Five-time Olympian Natalie Cook will headline the opening day of the QRL Leadership Conference on Friday, February 10, 2017.

The QRL’s Women’s Leadership Forum will be led by popular radio presenter Laurel Edwards and is open to all interested individuals and sporting groups, including those from outside the rugby league fraternity.

The event will be held at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast.

Following on from the successful conference staged in 2015, this seminar is based on QRL’s ambition to elevate the participation of women in positions of leadership within sport.

As well as listening to Cook share her stories and advice; there will be a number of practical sessions; including a Women in League workshop facilitated by General Manager - Community at National Rugby League Ellen Beale.

Register your attendance here: QRL Women’s Leadership seminar



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